About Me!

ShangHAI! My name is Madyson and I am an 8th grade student. I do not have many hobbies, but one that I love is horse back riding and writing. I ride with a few of my friends. I am just starting to learn, but I plan to start jumping  after a while! Also, I am trying both English and western style riding! One thing that I absolutely love is animals. I have 3 of my own. A dog, hamster, and guinea pig!! Actually, when I go to high school I am going to study large animal science. The school is all about farming and is based off of that. For writing, I wrote 3 books and they all have over 5,000 reads. I am writing one right now actually, about riding. I am not gonna give too much out, but it is going to be awesome! Also, I really enjoy sports!! I do not play any other than being an equestrian, but I love playing catch with family or a quick game of volleyball. To be honest, I do not see why I should play a sport when I am not going to play any professional sports. When I am older, I plan on being an equestrian and working with animals!! If you have any questions, comment! I will reply! DuBAI!


This is a picture of what my dog Carly looks like!! (It is not actually her)

This is a picture of one of my favorite horse breeds, a Blue Moon Clydesdale!!

This is one of my favorite equestrian quotes!!!!!


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