Portfolio Entry #4 – Spanish Travel Plans

In Spanish, we were assigned to do a travel guide. We had to do this individually and had 4 days to complete it. In this project, we wrote at least four things that we could do in that country. We were assigned to do seven different countries. We did this to practice our Spanish vocabulary and learn about other cultures. The Spanish classes all did this project after our Spanish country presentation. Everyone wrote down information from the presentations, which gave us the information for this project. To complete the project, we had a choice of doing a presentation or booklet. I chose to do a booklet. I used the chromebooks at school and my own computer at home. Also, I used my information sheet.

While completing the project I learned a lot. I learned about several different cultural traditions. I liked the fact that I could do this individually and that I learned some new words myself that were not on our vocabulary lists. I worked really hard on the project and my sentences were well put together. If I could do it again, I would make the powerpoint attractive. I thinkn that our bteacher should have given us more time in class to see if we were on task and assist us if we needed it. I really did enjoy this project.


Portfolio Entry #3 – Art Spray Paint and Stencil

This project is from my art class! For this project, we had to make a stencil and spray paint it onto a shirt or piece of wood. We had about 8 classes to finish the project and about 3 classes to bring our supplies in. The supplies we needed were a piece of wood or shirt, a color of spray paint, a stencil, and a pencil! For my project, I printed a picture of a horse inside of an horseshoe and then cut it out on a piece of stencil paper. Then I spray painted it onto a piece of wood in black. I really liked the way it came out. It was an individual project. We did this project to focus on our spray painting skills and work on stencils.

During the project, I got to observe what other people liked and how to do different things. I leaned some new things about my friends in the process, what they like and dislike. I also learned how to spray paint and make your own stencils!!! I really liked doing this because I got to learn new things and got to use my creative side to finish it. If I could do it again, I would make more time in the stencil. Some of the sides were messed up, but it was only my first time. I feel very proud of myself because of how it came our, where it is currently hanging on my bedroom wall!  Mr. Lee does not need to change anything about the project, kids from the past have enjoyed it and I am almost positive kids in the future will as well!


Portfolio Entry #2 – Spanish Chile Presentation

This presentation is from my Spanish class!! We were assigned to make a presentation on a Spanish speaking country. My group was assigned to Chile. We had about 4 days to complete and present the project! Every group was assigned a different country. Our teacher wanted us to be able to learn and understand different cultures. In class we used the Chrome Books and at home we used our own computers or stayed after school to finish. Luckily, I have my own computer so I was able to complete it at home. I worked really hard to complete it. We had a huge amount of research and on the second day, the presentation began to come together. At home, I worked hard to remember how to say words and putting them into sentences. I used word reference for words I did not know, but tried very hard to not use it! For research, we did the capital, currency, bordering countries, famous people, population, type of government, important dates, the flag, and the president!!


While completing the presentation, I learned a lot. I learned all about Chile’s culture as well as many other Spanish speaking countries. While presentations, we had to write information down. I liked this because we did not have to do too much, but it gave us knowledge on many different countries. I could see similarities and difference between them. If I could do it again, I would add more information and take my time. Also, I would organize myself and be more prepared to present. For future students, I think that Mrs. Pimental should give a little bit more time and possibly give us more time in class. That way we could ask her questions and make sure that everyone is on task.


Portfolio Entry #1 – History 11-3 Presentation

Currently, I am working on a presentation in history class! For this assignment, we have to create a presentation from our notes. We were randomly paired up by Mr. Marshall. We started today and have to finish by tomorrow’s class. This assignment was assigned because we need to focus on our section and be able to gain knowledge. We just learned about the section and are starting to get getter at it. Everyone already had their information, so we just had to put it into presentation form. For my group’s roles, we do a reader and recorder. Today, I typed in the presentation and tomorrow w my partner will be typing while I read the information to her. After typing, we both choose a picture to represent our information. We are only working on it in class so all we needed were two column notes and a chrome book from the cart.

So far, I have learned more about the Abbasids. I now understand why they declined and what challenges they faced during rule. I liked that we already had all of our information, but I do not really like the fact that we are working with partners. I would rather do the project on my own. I think that Mr. Marshall should give eighth grade students a choice to work in pairs or alone. If I could do it again, I would just take a little more time. I will not be done until tomorrow, but I wish we spent more time on the first half.


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