Intro to HTML/CSS

I have just finished working on Khan Academy. I learned all about HTML and CSS. I completed two different sessions.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a standardized system for tagging text files in text, color, and hyperlink effects. HTML tags are always surrounded by angle brackets, (<,>).  There are many tags, which tell the program what you want it to do.

Some examples of HTML tags are:

<HTML> – tells browser this is a HTML coded page (not *.doc or *.txt)

<B> – bold

<BODY> – tells browser to start showing the page, main part of page

<BR> – line break

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is the language for describing the presentation of Web pages, including colors, layout, and fonts. CSS is independent from HTML and can be used entirely on its own. With CSS you can select items based on element, class or ID, and change the colors of your page.

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Key Events in Computer History

I have just finished my Key Events in Computer History assignment. In this project, we had to work with one other person to complete a page about someone in history. My partner was Jepicard, who I called “Picadilli” in all of my reflections. Everyone was assigned to report out on one major person in computer history. My partner and I decided to do Ken and Roberta Williams. They are two of the first people to create adventure games. Ken was the CEO of their company, Sierra Games. He believed that it didn’t matter how much money they made, but how much the people around him loved the games. It all started in 1980, when they released their first game “Mystery House.” The game consists of several different rooms in which you have to solve the mysteries. Roberta and Ken have received many awards and have released many games. In 1995, the two released one of their last games before their company shut down. They are very well know for the “King’s Quest” games. They were released after the company shut down. In 2006, Roberta wanted to write a book to publish. When it did not work out, she started to make a game. From there, she made only a few, such as “Odd Manor” in 2014. The two were a happily married couple and make a huge hit selling games.


I did not only learn about the Williams, but also about a few other people. These other people are Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, and George Stibitz.

Charles Babbage was a British mathematician who lived from 1791 to 1871. He began to study mathematics in 1810. He soon found out that navigators relied on mathematical tables that were error – prone. Babbage decided that he wanted to change that. He made a small calculator that could do mathematics equations for people. Charles Babbage designed the first automatic computing engines, but were never built. After he died, the first engine was designed. This was 153 years after they were designed.

Ada Lovelace was a mathematician who lived from 1815 to 1852. She wrote the instructions to the first computer program in the mid 1800s. Her contributions were not found until the 1950s, when she had already died. Ada married William King and had three kids with him. She is one of the most historical figures in computer history.

George Stibitz is known for being on of the first men to invent a digital computer. In 1940, George made the first electrical digital calculator. His work changed the way that phones and computers were made forever. George’s work started new branches of physics, chemistry, and other sciences. I f he did not create this, we would be set back many years in technology.



Assignment #8

I have just finished my assignment. Our class was assigned to do a survey. We had to have at least 6 questions and 4 different types of questions. My survey has 9 questions and the types I used are; short answer, multiple choice, check boxes, and drop down. My survey was about horseback riding. I am an equestrian and a lot of my friends ride, so I decided to make my survey about it. I had a bunch of different results.  7 different people answered it. About 90% like horses, 70% prefer mares over geldings, 60% does not like to watch equestrians ride, 40% have not ridden a horse, and English riding is the favorite. The results differed a lot when asking what event is their favorite, but most people clicked “other” in both English and Western.

Summary of Responses

Citation Review

I have just finished my citation review assignment! During this assignment I used EasyBib to cite my information. I also learned a lot during this assignment. One thing I learned is how to cite an image and a video. Also, since the website added MLA 8, I learned all about it and also how to cite it in that MLA. This assignment did not take up that much time and was enjoyable.

Check out my citation review.

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Assignment 6 – Dream Room

In this assignment, we used websites to create a dream room. We used the stores Target and Ikea to buy items. We had to spend between $4995 and $5000. There were different choices for what room we wanted to do, but I chose to do a bedroom. I created my dream bedroom and am happy with what I did. During the assignment, I learned several different formulas and I will be sure to use them in the future. My favorite formula was definitely the grand total because I did not have to add everything up!! It added everything up for me. There were also formulas for adding, subtracting, the average, excetera. The project was done individually and still quite interesting. I was able to choose what I wanted and could talk to my friends and look at each other’s items. I really enjoyed this assignment!

Check out my dream room expenses.

Assignment 4 – School Uniforms

School uniforms can have a huge impact on school. There are many pros and cons. I also have my own opinion on the whole thing. I think it can be good and bad at the same time. There will be background information on each piece of evidence.

There are pros of having to wear school uniforms. One of the pros is that some kids do not have the best choice of clothes and can’t afford to buy the nicest clothes. All kids can be equal and nobody will be judged based on their clothing. Most kids are more mature which leads to a better sense of fashion. People have more money at their disposal and kids can be picked on for the way they dress. Some kids do not have enough money. It costs a lot to buy clothes for all the weekdays and some parents struggle to purchase them. Another pro is making the school less competitive. A lot of shirts show a liking to certain sports teams, bands, TV shows, et cetera.  Kids fight over what they like and can get into fights over which is better. Kids can get distracted by looking at kids shirts and can start talking about the topic!

Along with pros, there are many cons to school uniforms. The first con is lack of self expression. Kids will not be able to express themselves daily and will have to wear what everyone else is wearing. Self expression allows kids to show their personality and what they like. Also, the cost can be a problem. School uniforms do cost money and are not free!! Some families struggle financially and can’t afford to do this for their children.

Of course, I have my own opinion about school uniforms. I am an eighth grade student, but I think that we should indeed have uniforms! I think that it would be a good thing for the school. I know some schools have a policy where twice a month, once every two weeks, kids are able to wear their own clothes and express themselves.

I commented on Jayda P and Michelle Z’s assignment!

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Assignment 3 – Digital Footprint

In this assignment, I learned a lot!! I really enjoyed working with Jepicard (EduBlogs user and friend; link at the end) and being able to create our own script and our own presentation. One thing I learned is how to use GoAnimate. I made an account with my own email and we started right away. When you watch our clip, you will see that we had a lot of fun designing the scene and also had some fun with the animals. I also learned that it is really important to think before you post. What you post is something that everyone can see! There is always a way to see something, even if posted privately. You can lose friendships, jobs, etc. Always be careful when posting and always think of who can see! I really liked the way my partner and I’s presentation came out! We worked really hard to complete the assignment. We made our own characters! Funny story actually, the characters are based off of real people, but Mindy is just a nickname for her. She does not have her own blog, so it will not be linked. Chad is actually a frog!!! It is one of our many jokes and very hard to explain! Sorry for any confusion, disregard that. I enjoyed creating my friend and fellow frog (haha) online. There are some flaws, but none very noticeable. I really love how the design of the scene came out!!! The animals are honestly my favorite!


Our Presentation

I watched three different presentation’s from last year and picked my favorite!!! My favorite is by Claire and Kerstin!! I really like it because I really like the script. It is well thought out and very well done. Their scene is really cool and they made it look like a real house. There are pictures on the wall, flowers, lamps. The best thing about it is how the mother is explaining to her daughter what can and possibly will happen. She explains to Claire that it can cause her to not get into a good college, which is very important. College gets you a good and well paying job! Without college, you will not have that. It was also serious, to show that it is not a laughing matter and should be taken very seriously. It gets the message across and Claire learns her lesson in the end!

Claire and Kerstin’s Presentation

I recommend that you watch all presentations. Athena and Isabella are the two creators from other presentations that I watched, but I picked Claire and Kerstin’s as my favorite. This assignment was about digital footprint, so at the end I will leave 3 links so that you can get some information and see how important it is. All of my links came from my teacher, Ms. Reuther. (I am not linking my teachers because it is all of our assignments.)

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Assignment 2a

While blogging, you need to be safe while following school guidelines. To be safe, you need to keep some things private. This includes phone number, address, password, and appearance. Do not give out the information of others as well. It is policy that you do not start fights or use curse words at my school. Most importantly, do NOT plagiarize. Plagiarizing is a serious crime and you can get in serious trouble for it.  This includes taking other classmate’s work. Always ask permission before blogging about someone else and make sure your own opinions do not offend anyone else. Lastly, remember that using the computers at school is a privilege and NOT a right!!!

Citations :

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I commented on Sebastian and Sabrina’s Blog!!!

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Assignment 1

This avatar represents me. It does because it looks like me in some way. I have brown hair and brown eyes, like the avatar. Also, you can’t really see from here, but my avatar is wearing a pink dress. Personally, I have a sporty side and a girly side. I like to dress up, but I love sports and participating in activities. My favorite color is teal as well and that is the background color. This is my avatar and it represents me!!


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